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3 Key Success Strategies for a Digital Workplace 

3 Key Success Strategies for a Digital Workplace 

Across the nation, there is a transformation happening in the workplace and traditional work environments will soon be a thing of the past. Digital technology is changing the way we work, and in order for businesses to succeed in the future, we have to create a healthy ecosystem which is diverse and engaging.

Corporate leaders all over the world are embracing a vibrant digital workplace, that fuels productivity and employee satisfaction. Corporate giants like IBM, Microsoft, Bank of America (to name a few) are transforming their workplaces to embrace the changing environment. Here are three key success strategies you will want to implement to keep up with the digital workplace trends.

Engage the humans first: a report by JLL’s “Workplace – Powered by Human Experience” found that only forty percent of employees around the world feel fully engaged at work – leaving the rest operating way below their potential. While technology surrounds us in all areas these days, it does not take the place of the need for the human engage and personal experience. For example, IBM’s new offices were intentionally designed with Millennial digital talent in mind first. The new spaces include open team collaboration spaces and areas to socialize, with movable walls but mixed in with soundproof concentration rooms and private spaces.

Get Agile: this generation of employees have been referred to as the “liquid workforce” meaning that more and more employees are freelancers, and autonomous workers who can ebb and flow as needed within the organization. To maximize opportunities, many companies are looking outside of the traditional corporate office setting and creating more flexible solutions that support what the talent today is looking for. They are expanding their agile ecosystem with technologies that allow an employee to work anywhere, and whenever. A diverse mix of flexibility both inside and out of your business will ensure that your ecosystem stays balanced.

Invest in technology: the right technology is a vital factor in creating a digital workplace. Microsoft surveyed 1,000 Millennials and, in those findings ninety-three percent said that modern, up-to-date technology was an important part of their decision on choosing a job. Love it or hate, the fact is that technology can bring a new dimension to the human experience, as well as convenience and connectivity. Technology that supports the employee ultimately leads to high-performance and that means a successful business will follow.

To read more on this topic from WorkDesign.com please visit the full article at https://workdesign.com/2018/04/three-keys-to-digital-workplace-ecosystem-success/

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