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The Garage of Scottsdale: The Ultimate Mancave

The Garage of Scottsdale: The Ultimate Mancave  The ultimate mancave, also known as The Garages of Scottsdale will be open soon and the crew at Knipp Contracting is excited to be a part of this real estate development project. The Garages of Scottsdale isn’t just a place to store your favorite toys – it’s a […]

Tenant Improvements Explained

Tenant Improvements Explained  What are tenant improvements? If you are considering an investment in a commercial property, this is a term you will want to be familiar with, before you sign on the dotted line of a lease agreement. Here is an overview of tenant improvements explained. Tenant improvements are changes made to commercial real […]

Top Home Trends to Watch For

Top Home Trends to Watch For  Unlike a “fad” a home trend is something that we can expect to see for ten or more years, and it is an excellent way to predict homebuyer’s behavior. Each year, surveys are done with industry influencers, to provide us with the upcoming trends. Here are the five trends […]

What Are Your Home Improvement Loan Options? 

What Are Your Home Improvement Loan Options?  If you are considering a home improvement project, you will want to know what loan options are available, and have a rough idea on how much you want to spend, and identify what are the best improvements to make with the best return on investment. Here is a […]

5 Maintenance Tips for Home Sellers

5 Maintenance Tips for Home Sellers  Are you a homeowner thinking about selling your home this spring? Routine maintenance items are critical, especially if you have vacated your home. Small things like a broken door bell or leaky faucet, may lead a buyer to wonder if there are other, bigger items wrong with your home. […]

Not All Home Renovations Are Good Investments

Not All Home Renovations Are Good Investments:  The idea of updating your home can be fun, and overwhelming when it comes to picking the right areas to improve. Not all home improvement projects have the best return on investment, and while you may think you’ll live in your home forever, there will come a day […]

Small Flaws in Your Home that Could be a Big Deal

Small Flaws in Your Home that Could be a Big Deal  Let’s face it, we all live with flaws in our homes that we overlook, ignore or just learn to “live with.” But what we don’t realize is that those small flaws could end up being a big deal for a potential homebuyer. Torn window […]

DIY Tips for Your Garage

DIY Tips for Your Garage  Don’t let your garage end up being the dump in your home! Here are a few DIY tips to help you create a garage space that is clean, organized and functional. Put up Storage Shelves: whether it is the portable storage shelves purchased from Costco, or shelves you install permanently […]



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