Need to File an Insurance Claim? Let Knipp Contracting Help

Need to File an Insurance Claim? Let Knipp Contracting Help 

When an emergency happens, filing an insurance claim can feel like a daunting task but Knipp Contracting is here to help. We will file your insurance claim, and ensure that you receive maximum coverage to repair your home. The specialists at Knipp Contracting have a working relationship with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which allows us to implement a quick, efficient claim process, from start to finish.

  • File Insurance claim on your behalf
  • Handle HOA compliance
  • Meet city requirements
  • Provide photos and quality-control reports throughout the process

When the work is complete, Knipp Contracting will file for recovery depreciation on your behalf. This is an important step in the insurance claim process that can save you between twenty and fifty percent of each policy item. When it comes to repairs or renovations, you will benefit from the vast experience Knipp Contracting has, including over 20,000 repairs and home remodels. Repairs and renovations are our area of expertise and your insurance claim is a priority that will be handled with integrity and the highest professional standards.

Knipp Contracting guarantees quality results and our managers are in the field, navigating local building codes, HOA restrictions, and required permits. Our hands-on approach allows us to expedite what can be a long, frustrating process for a homeowner.

Need to file an insurance claim? Let Knipp Contracting help! We invite you to visit us online at or and view our online portfolio.

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