6 Kitchen Trends to Consider When Renovating

6 Kitchen Trends to Consider When Renovating 

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen, or planning a renovation of your home? Here are 6 kitchen trends to consider when renovating.

  1. Opt for Small Appliances: micro-living is taking off for retirees and millennials, and multi-generational homes are in demand. Tiny, secondary kitchens for elderly parents or returning adult children could include a small cooktop, combination microwave/convention oven, dishwasher and a small refrigerator or cooling drawer.


  1. Gray is the New Black: the popularity of the sophisticated gray color scheme is no joke and if used right, could have the staying power you are looking for. Keep in mind, a mix of warm wood in your cabinetry selection will enhance the cool tones of gray, and a splash of a bold color like red or yellow will give it a pop!


  1. Granite has been Replaced by Quartz: “Consumer Reports” said that quartz is the toughest countertop materials, meaning it is resistant to buns, chips and scratches. It is easy to maintain, and unlike its competitor, Quartz does not need to be sealed annually to prevent stains.


  1. Consider More than one Refrigerator: homeowners are embracing a new concept in the kitchen: point of use refrigeration. We are no longer bound to one giant refrigerator to house all of our cold foods and drinks. Consider installing a beverage center that has a mini-refrigerator designated for cold drinks only, or a wine refrigerator. These point of use refrigerators are designed to make day-to-day living more convenient.


  1. Use LED Lighting: LEDs are energy efficient, lasting 50,000 hours on average, which is five times longer than the average light bulb. LEDs are not as expensive as they have been in years past, which means they are more affordable today for homeowners.


  1. Easy Access: you may not be thinking about aging in place while you are raising your busy family, however these modifications are catching on, for one big reason: they make sense. Some of these features include side-opening ovens at counter height, deep pocket drawers, and microwave drawers instead of over the oven installed microwaves.

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