11 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Kitchen

11 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Kitchen 

Creating the ultimate kitchen doesn’t mean you need a complete renovation of your space. Here are eleven easy tips for creating the ultimate kitchen.

Proper Lighting: proper lighting should be used to highlight certain aspects of your kitchen, such as the sink, stove top, an island, etc. Pendant lighting or wall mounted lights add to the ambience in your kitchen.

Add an Island: islands are pretty and add additional storage and workable space in a kitchen.

Backsplash: a backsplash is functional in protecting your walls from cooking messes, and an easy way to add some color or personality to your kitchen.

Store Your Appliances: keep your counters and space open, clean and clutter free by storing your small appliances, in either a cabinet or an appliance garage.

Easy Pot-Filling: if you do a lot of cooking that requires large pots, you may want to consider installing a cold-water wall-mounted pot-filling faucet over your stove.

Range Hood: range hoods don’t have to be boring! With an oversized colorful range hood, you can create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen.

Add Details: you can add charm to your kitchen by simply embellishing your cabinetry with fancy door knobs, or installing crown molding or wood panels to add character to your walls.

Glass Fronts: you can create an open feeling in your kitchen space by swapping out your cabinet doors for glass fronts. It’s a perfect way to display your favorite dishes too!

Use Color: don’t be afraid to use color to create drama in your kitchen. Consider painting a wall a different color to make it stand out, or give your island a fresh look with a bright paint choice.

Storage Solutions: installing pullout drawers is an easy way to keep your kitchen counters clear of clutter, but keep your most used kitchen tools close at hand.

Window Treatments: beyond controlling the amount of sun exposure your kitchen gets the right window treatments can be used for expressing your decorating style.

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