DIY Tips for Your Garage

DIY Tips for Your Garage 

Don’t let your garage end up being the dump in your home! Here are a few DIY tips to help you create a garage space that is clean, organized and functional.

Put up Storage Shelves: whether it is the portable storage shelves purchased from Costco, or shelves you install permanently on the walls, storage shelves in your garage are a must!

Stackable, Color-Coordinated Bins: after the shelves are put into place, you can use stackable storage bins to keep your garage belongs neat and orderly. Consider assorted colors for coordinating and organizing, and don’t forget to label them. Make sure that items you use on a regular base are kept within arms-height for easy access.

Consider Rolling Storage: rolling carts can be used for gardening tools, tailgating or camping gear for example. With rolling storage, you can save your back, and time getting your supplies from the garage to the car.

Make Pegboards Your Friend: pegboards are the underrated hero of the garage space! Most items that are laying around your garage, including tools, rolls of tape, drills, brooms, shovels, etc. can be stored away neatly with a hook on a pegboard. If you have unused walls in your garage, you can maximize your space and storage by installing pegboards.

Use a Splash of Color: take your garage space to another level with a splash of color! Consider painting the walls, your workbench or newly installed pegboards with your favorite colors. You can also use paint to designate different work stations or zones in your garage space.

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