4 Assumptions that are Sabotaging Your Energy-Efficiency

4 Assumptions that are Sabotaging Your Energy-Efficiency 

Do you know how energy-efficient your home is? If you think about it, energy is one of the only products we buy on a daily basis but have no idea how much it is going to cost us until thirty days later when we receive our utility bill. Here are 4 assumptions that are sabotaging your energy-efficiency.

  1. Newer homes are energy-efficient: the age of a home doesn’t necessarily mean it will be energy-efficient. Building codes often and even brand new homes can benefit from upgrades or improvements in energy operating.
  2. It’s the utility company’s fault: we can blame “the man” all we want, but energy is something we need, and we have to pay for. Keep in mind, in order to take a rate hike, utility companies must make a case to the local public utility commissions.
  3. Energy improvements should pay for themselves: Even if you do all the right things when improving your energy-efficiency, the best you should expect to see on a return is between 20 to 30 percent – which is still significant in the long run.
  4. New windows are the best option for improving energy-efficiency: the cost to replace windows in the average home is between $9,000 and $12,000 which is a savings of $27 to $111 per year, according to EnergyStar. You could, instead spend significantly less and beef up your insultation, caulk and seal air leaks, and save approximately 11 percent on your energy bill.

Bonus for reading, here are the top 5 ways you can cut energy costs fast:

  • Caulk and seal air leaks (windows, crawl spaces, plumbing lines, recessed lighting, attics)
  • Seal the ductwork around your HVAC.
  • Install a programable thermostat.
  • Replace all your light bulbs with LED.
  • Reduce the temperature on your hot water tank.

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