Top Ten Fastest-Growing States in 2018

Top Ten Fastest-Growing States in 2018 

All suave investors and developers know to go where the real estate market is hot. And what causes a strong housing market? New residents.

According to the Census population reports, here are the top ten fastest-growing states in 2018.

  1. Nevada (2.1 percent increase)
  2. Idaho (2.1 percent increase)
  3. Utah (1.9 percent increase)
  4. Arizona (1.7 percent increase)
  5. Florida (1.5 percent increase)
  6. Washington State (1.5 percent increase)
  7. Colorado (1.4 percent increase)
  8. Texas (1.3 percent increase)
  9. South Carolina (1.3 percent increase)
  10. North Carolina (1.1 percent increase)

In Nevada, the Census reported 62,000 new births and residents in 2018, making the Silver State the fastest-growing U.S. state. Additionally, a report released by United Van Lines, shared that inbound moves were the fourth-highest in Nevada. Idaho came in number two with approximately 35,000 new residents and births. But came in third, above Nevada for inbound moves making it the third-highest.

Utah is getting a lot of attention from the millennial population, according to LendingTree rankings. The combination of job opportunities and affordable housing made Utah number three out of the top ten fastest-growing states in 2018.

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