Working with Wealthy People: 4 Helpful Tips

Working with Wealthy People: 4 Helpful Tips 

Affluent people have a different mindset, and therefore require a unique approach to be successful in developing relationships. Learning more about the psychology behind why and how wealthy people make decisions, and how they prioritize their decisions, could help you become more effective. Here are four helpful tips.

  1. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover: just because data and metrics give you intel about a potential client, doesn’t mean that you judge them based on those facts. Instead, focus on their specific needs and wants, and don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
  2. It’s all about lifestyle: wealthy people obviously want to make smart investment decisions; however, a key component is the lifestyle. Your job is to find out what they want to experience in their life, find the product and put the deal together.
  3. Protect their family wealth: wealthy families want to keep their wealth in the family for future generations. Give them insights and ideas to protect their wealth and you will be an asset. In addition, offer to work with their financial advisor, tax representative and/or wealth planner to find investments that best fit their financial goals.
  4. Look for like-minded networks: not all wealthy people are the same, so it is wise not to treat them as one homogenous group. If you can find like-minded network groups, you will feel more confident and naturally fit in. Some ideas to explore for networking opportunities might be:
  • VIPs: people in VIPs tend to be motivated by social standing and prestige among their community. To connect with these network-goers, make them feel like a top priority!
  • Moguls: moguls are confident in staking claim that they are an expert in a particular area or subject. If this is you, then don’t be afraid to let your inner mogul come out.
  • Entrepreneurs: entrepreneurs are successful because of their hard work, innovation and ability to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Don’t try to take complete control when working with these individuals.

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