Luxury Home Health and Wellness Trends

Luxury Home Health and Wellness Trends 

Affluent home buyers want the luxury lifestyle, but now with a demand focused on feeling healthy both physically and mentally. In a recent study of properties with wellness-focused amenities, homes with these features sold for ten to twenty-five percent more than traditional luxury homes. The following health and wellness trends are some of the features that the most affluent home buyers have on their wish list.

Saunas and massage rooms: detox, relaxation and convenience are the driving reasons behind the demand for saunas and massage rooms in homes. Luxury home buyers want to be able to have in-home services from their personal masseuse, or favorite esthetician or hair stylist.

Oxygen chamber pods and Cryotherapy booths: in the wellness industry, cryotherapy and oxygen therapy are among the hottest trends for the luxury lifestyle. Many of today’s top-tier homeowners are looking for ways to bring these new and innovative wellness options to their home in hopes that it will improve their health and longevity.

Meditation rooms: also, one of the hottest amenities for luxury homeowners is a private meditation room where they can go to self-reflect and find peace and harmony. Tech-driven virtual meditation spaces are even hotter! This is a combination of virtual reality with a tranquil design to enhance the meditation experience.

Yoga or Pilates studios: keeping with the theme of convenient in-house, one-on-one services, there is also a demand for private yoga or Pilates studios in luxury homes. In high-rise buildings, these spaces could be located on a deck or private rooftop space.

Tranquility gardens: usually located in high-rise rooftop buildings in large metro areas, these gardens are natural landscape that creates a peaceful space for affluent city residents to relax and reconnect with nature. Some upper end developers are taking these trends to another level with private parks on the property.

Convenient healthy (organic) meal options: the world’s most elite homeowners want to stay healthy with convenient access to organic foods and meal options. This includes delivery of five-star restaurants or private nutritionists and rooftop vegetable gardens.


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