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  • Knipp Contracting is able to recoup the maximum funds out of each polity. We review the policy limits and negotiate the pricing to make sure you are getting the maximum available.
  • Each policy will have recoverable depreciation. This depreciation can be anywhere from 20-50% of each item and sometimes higher. Knipp Contracting will file for the recoverable depreciation at the end of repairs saving even more money.
  • Knipp Contracting knows HUD conveyance can be tricky at times. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete property repairs to HUD standards every time.
  • Knipp Contracting is a pioneer in field management. We don’t just hire third party contractors and take their word for it. We have salaried managers in each region we cover giving us more accountability in the field and accurate information into our office.
  • We know that photos are your portals into the property. We strive to be the best in the market when it comes to photos. You will be able to see every aspect of the property including all out buildings.
  • Because we have our own managers in every region we have the availability to quickly pull permits and clear the property of city, code and HOA violations.
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