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Knipp Contracting will file your claims and repair your property to conveyance condition. We’ll scrupulously analyze your claim to ensure you receive the maximum amount possible from your policy. To save you even more, once construction is complete, we’ll file for recoverable depreciation which can be 20 to 50 percent of each policy item.

Our working relationship with Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allows us to implement a quick, efficient conveyance process from start to finish. Knipp’s familiarity with HUD regulations and standards means you don’t have to worry about not meeting bureaucratic benchmarks.

When it’s time to repair, remodel or renovate a property, you’ll benefit from Knipp’s vast experience that includes over 20,000 repairs and full remodels. Contracting is our area of expertise, so you know your claim and any subsequent building work will be handled with integrity and to the highest professional standards.

Knipp Contracting also guarantees quality results through the managers who work in the field, on the ground. These professionals keep us up to date on the most accurate information available. Most importantly, they ensure our accountability to clients.

Clients also benefit from having Knipp managers in the field because the managers are able to pull permits quickly, navigate local building and city codes, and address any HOA violations. It’s another way we expedite what can be a long, frustrating process for the client.

Filing Claim

HOA Compliance

Extensive knowledge of HOA Compliance


We can help you delve into the city requirements


Photos and QC reports throughout  the process

Industry leading advantages

  • Knipp Contracting is able to recoup the maximum funds out of each policy. We review the policy limits and negotiate the pricing to make sure you are getting the maximum available.
  • Each policy will have recoverable depreciation. This depreciation can be anywhere from 20-50% of each item and sometimes higher. Knipp Contracting will file for the recoverable depreciation at the end of repairs saving even more money.
  • Knipp Contracting knows HUD conveyance can be tricky at times. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete property repairs to HUD standards every time.
  • Knipp Contracting is a pioneer in field management. We don’t just hire third party contractors and take their word for it. We have salaried managers in each region we cover giving us more accountability in the field and accurate information into our office.
  • We know that photos are your portals into the property. We strive to be the best in the market when it comes to photos. You will be able to see every aspect of the property including all out buildings.
  • Because we have our own managers in every region we have the availability to quickly pull permits and clear city and local building codes along with HOA violations.
Restoration and Reconstruction Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Knipp Contracting brings over 40 years of experience to the insurance reconstruction market. Knipp has gained a wealth of expertise from decades of being the construction company home owners and real estate investment firms call first when they have a project. That knowledge, combined with the latest field technology and sophisticated back office systems, uniquely positions Knipp to exceed the expectations of both the policy holder and the insurance company.


The loss of a family’s home is always devastating, but facing the maze of bureaucracy necessary to get repairs or rebuilding completed can turn an already difficult experience into a nightmare.

Fortunately, Knipp Contracting has empowered employees in all our service areas to facilitate the process every step of way. With Knipp, homeowners aren’t stuck on hold reciting case numbers or getting passed from one faceless voice on the phone to another.

Instead, we use the latest technology available to give daily updates and get policy owners back in their homes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


At Knipp Contracting, we know that every second your business property is damaged costs you revenue. That’s why we have systems in place that ensure efficiency and transparency. We keep business owners informed every step of the way, always with an emphasis on keeping costs down.