Small Flaws in Your Home that Could be a Big Deal

Small Flaws in Your Home that Could be a Big Deal 

Let’s face it, we all live with flaws in our homes that we overlook, ignore or just learn to “live with.” But what we don’t realize is that those small flaws could end up being a big deal for a potential homebuyer.

Torn window screens: this repair is fairly cheap to correct but does take a bit of time and patience. However, a torn window screen impacts the curb appeal in your home and might make a potential buyer wonder what else is wrong with your house.

Old electrical panel: while we may not think this is a big deal, an old electrical panel can be expensive to upgrade. For most homebuyers, taking on a large expense can be scary especially one that could impact the safety of the home.

Door locks that don’t function: an exterior door lock that doesn’t function properly could be seen as a potential safety hazard. And while replacing a door lock may seem easy, they can be complex. Interior doors that don’t function are a pain, even if you have learned to live with it for years.

Small closets: you may not have the option to add on or expand your closet space to make more room, but you can organize and declutter. Pack up what you don’t need or have a garage sale to get rid of unnecessary things that you have collected over the years.

Bathtubs and showers: if you are considering a bathroom renovation, don’t forget future resale value. While you may never use your bathtub for soaking, a potential home buyer might, especially if they have children. Ideally your home should have both a shower and a tub.

Laundry room location: if you have a home with more than one story, the location of the laundry room becomes an important feature for homebuyers. While you may not mind the laundry room being downstairs, the next person might. Consider options for laundry room locations in your home – can it be moved to a more ideal location?

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