Where are Millennials Moving? Here are the Top 5 U.S. Cities

Where are Millennials Moving? Here are the Top 5 U.S. Cities 

For Millennials (adults in their 20s and 30s), there are a few U.S. cities that stand out as a smart place to invest, due to high employment rates and beautiful surroundings. Where are the Millennials moving? Here are the top 5 U.S. cities.

Salt Lake City, UT: strong job growth makes SLC an attractive option for young adults. The city’s affordable median housing costs and a job growth of 2.4 percent are among the reasons, along with amazing outdoor living and gorgeous surroundings.

Seattle, WA: this city is considered a hot spot for Millennials, which make up for 24.1 percent of Seattle’s population. On average the median income is $67,000 (on average) and Seattle has a robust job growth of 10.8. Coupled with a busy nightlife, and beautiful waterfront views make this city an ideal place for Millennials to live.

Austin, TX: the real estate market in Austin is among some of the most affordable housing market with an media price of $226,000. Austin is the second top city in the U.S. for the number available jobs and a job growth rate of 4.2 percent coupled with an average of $58,932 for annual income. A few of the better-known companies located in Austin include Dell, Apple and Google.

Charlotte, N.C.: this city is considered the best place to live in the whole stage of North Carolina, with 14 percent of it’s population between 25 and 34. Many of these Millennials are post-college grads who have moved to Charlotte looking for work and a home in a suburban neighborhood.

Dallas, TX: with a job growth of 3.9 percent, Dallas continues to attract many young adults to the area. The big D has plenty of shopping, entertainment and nightlife that is easily accessible downtown without having to live downtown. The median home values average $175,000 which is an affordable price point for Millennial home buyers.

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